Comments Policy

As we value the freedom of speech of individuals, there should be a comment moderation to filter out blatant and demeaning speeches that do not help to further ignite a smart discourse in our platforms.

We are striving to make a platform open for all and make people’s voices be heard, but we also encourage people to keep their commentaries at the boundaries of decency and be open-minded to criticism or additional inputs to their comments as they discuss compelling issues revolving in our society.

So, we made several guidelines for people to keep in mind when engaging in a discourse:

  1. Keep it objective. It’s not usual seeing clashing netizens at comment sections in social media especially when the topic is highly controversial. And as a result, people sometimes tick and use bad words or curses to assault the other person and these kinds of act are against decency and should be removed from the thread.
  2. Remain decent. Obscenities, hate comments, ad hominids -character assassination, or attacking people personally just because you’re in an encounter shall be dealt with. These acts do not contribute to the betterment of the discourse and just further orchestrates a spiral of hate among people and it shall be taken down by the moderators.
  3. No trolling. The moderators shall scrupulously check the existence of troll accounts as this age and time a lot of media outlets have troll armies attacking them at their social media accounts to distort factual information and to malign the people’s knowledge regarding certain issues in society. We ought to call-out this heinous act as we see this an attack to the truth we are upholding.

In short,

We want to make a healthy and smart community, engaging people with intelligent discourse to combat disinformation in the digital age. Followers and commentators should also civil and decent to further promote a healthy comment section. We shall delete comments if we see them breaking the standards we have set and shall be flagged down and reported appropriately as regards with the community guidelines set by the social media platforms.