About Us is the newest source of daily trending news just for you. It was established in 2019 by 5 journalism professionals, and the team grew to more than 20 competitive staffs valuing the importance of transmission of information.

As derived from the words ‘Pukka’ which means “genuine” and ‘able’, we see to it that all trending news we deliver is concise with full authenticity.

Mission Statement

  1. Our primarily mission as an online news website is to make reading news easier for people across generations all around the world and to help them comprehend better the news which our team made simple and concise. In short, we give the readers an alternative, but coherent news media.
  2. As defined as “Daily Trending News”, our news site targets trending and essential news both local (Philippines) and international, all in accordance to the public interest.
  3. We report news based on actual happenings and factual information available to the public as disclosed by government and private institutions or published by individuals all around the world to be for public viewing or consumption.
  4. We disseminate information throughout all available platforms digitally. As the age of humans have evolved, along with it is the evolution of traditional mode of communication to the digital age, wherein the world is interconnected through a click, Pukkable will utilize the use of technology to report news.
  5. We serve as a transparent news platform for people with different views and opinions. As the social media is densely populated with people with different political bubbles and hemispheres, we assure that people enjoy their freedom to express their own convictions.
  6. As a responsible news site, we promote democracy as we strive to become a news site that tells the narrative and the truth behind a society’s public clamor.


We aspire to become a news provider of choice for readers who want concise and easy-to-comprehend news, especially to the busy people with less time for reading daily news.