90-Day Fiance’s Rose Vega will reveal truth in new vlog

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Rose Vega has finally broke up with her American lover, Big Ed Brown, on the episode of 90-Day Fiance last May 3.

There are still a few more episodes left for this season, but judging by the latest update, it looked like Vega no longer wanted to make up with Big Ed. In her vlog, Vega threatened to reveal “the truth” between her and Big Ed.

Before going to the Philippines, Brown already knew that he no longer wants to have children. In fact, he even had a vasectomy operation before heading to the archipelago. Even though he was well-aware of this decision, Brown did not inform Vega.

“I should have been more truthful,” Brown told Vega in the episode. “I apologize. I should’ve said I don’t want more kids, but I wanted to get to know you. I wanted [you] to get to know me to make sure we are compatible.”

However, Vega did not accept his excuse. “I know who [you are]. I think,” she told him. “First [you] lied to me about [your] height. Right? Then, you want to give me an STD test right? And about mouthwash, why you tell me? You know I [am] sick, I have [an] ulcer.”


“How dare you,” Vega said in a now-deleted post. She continued to explain that Brown does not care about her and that he only wanted to be famous.

After Vega created her own YouTube channel, she promised to tell her fans the truth.

“I might be poor but I am raised to always tell the truth and be respectful of others!” she wrote on her caption. “But I also know when enough is enough.”

Brown did not either deny or confirm Vega’s allegations.




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