UAAP schools show support after ABS-CBN shutdown

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ABS-CBN has been airing UAAP games on its UHF channel, Studio 23, and later when the channel was rebranded to S and A since 2000.

The member schools of the UAAP condemn the National Telecommunications Commission’s decision to shut down the broadcast operations of ABS-CBN.

Minutes after the station stopped its broadcasting on Tuesday evening, De La Salle’s University lit its main building with the station’s blue-green-red colors.

The season 82 host Ateneo slammed the NTC’s decision to shut down the broadcast company.

Ateneo said that the shutdown deprived the Filipino people of a vital source of information, entertainment, and public service.


Fr. Jet Villarin, SJ, the Ateneo president added that Filipinos need ABS-CBN now, especially during these times of the pandemic, when the information provided by our country’s broadcast journalists spells the difference between life and death for our citizens, most of whom still get their news from television and radio.

While the University of Santo Tomas said that ABS-CBN has become a constant companion of Filipinos here and abroad.

In a statement, UST said that The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas laments the order to stop ABS-CBN from continuing its broadcast operations, as it is a clear disservice to the Filipino people, in time of the pandemic, when information, delivered fast and wide, is key to saving lives.

Far Eastern University, through its Department of Communication, deplored the timing of the shutdown.

In the FEU’s statement, it said that In the face of a public health crisis, the unemployment of the network’s employees aggravates their economic and health situations as well as those of their families. They need a government that understands their plight.

FEU added that the department urges the ABS-CBN management, media workers, and the public to resist all forms of oppression by seeking and supporting lawful actions to resolve the issues.




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