Almost 500 OFWs stranded in Germany coast for two months now

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Overseas Filipino Workers are still stranded off the coast of Germany amid COVID-19 pandemic. The 500 crew of the ship was mostly composed of Filipinos.

Most European countries denied the request of the ship to dock because of the coronavirus pandemic

After the passengers were disembark last March 15, the crew members are still left onboard.

According to one of the Filipinos on board, Joel Paguntalan, when the COVID-19 started to shock the world, many countries in Europe did not allow them to dock. They have tried alot of countries but still gets rejected. As of now, they are still onboard floating on the ocean.

To ease the boredom of each crew members, they keep on supporting each other by making activities that will help them.

Last April, their captain announced that they might probably be allowed to go home but only to know that europeans would be permitted to leave the ship.


Paguntalan also added that, Asians would have a hard time going home because it is far from where they are now.

This announcement makes them somehow happy for their co-workers who will finally go home to their homes but stills saddened at the same time for those who will still stay at the ship.

Amidst being stranded, he assured that all of the crew members are healthy and have enough food.

The uncertainty of going home is their current struggle.

Messages from friends and loved one as well as prayer keeps him sane.

Pagunatalann messaged his family to stay strong and healthy and soon enough he will be able to come home.

Based on his estimates, out of the 1,000 crew members, 500 are still onboard and mist of it are Filipinos.




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