HK protesters a ‘virus’, China says

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China’s Hong Kong Affairs office on Wednesday rebuked HK protestors, calling them a “political virus”.

In a statement by China’s HK office, it described the protesters as unruly people clamoring for Hong Kong’s independence. It also said Beijing would not tolerate “this demented force in place.”

“The scorched-earth action of the black-clad violent protesters is a political virus in Hong Kong society and a big enemy to ‘one-country-two-systems’,” said the office.

The office also stressed that China’s greatest responsibility is maintaining order and safeguarding national security.


On the contrary, several of the protesters have begun to re-emerge after weeks of restrictions imposed against coronavirus. The protesters are planning on resuming the campaign that was started a year ago.

The said campaign was a result of the HK government’s attempt to enact a bill allowing the extradition of persons to China.

“As long as the protesters are not removed, Hong Kong will never be calm,” stated by China’s office.

Moreover, the protesters are planning to hold a demonstration on Friday.

This could become the first significant demonstration since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.




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