Italy partially lifts coronavirus lockdown

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Millions of Italians have returned to work on Monday, May 4, as Italy begins to ease their coronavirus-initiated lockdown.

After almost seven weeks of restrictive measures employed against the coronavirus pandemic, Around 4.4 million Italians went back to work on Monday.

Italy will proceed to the “second phase” of its lockdown, which includes the resumption of activities within factories, building sites, and wholesale trades.

The easing of the imposed restrictions is gradual.

Factories geared towards export and construction sites immediately resumed activity.

Retailers, museums, libraries are to open on May 18.

Bars and restaurants, as of now, can offer takeaway services, but will not fully reopen until June 1.

Hairdressers and gyms are to operate on June 1.


Schools, on the other hand, will resume in September.

Besides the resumption of trade and industries, Italians are now also able to travel to visit relatives, provided they wear masks.

Although Italy’s infection rate has been declining, the fear of the coronavirus still lingers.

“Certainly, the fact that there are zero cases is important for us, but at the same time it doesn’t mean we’re fully secure as the virus is still there,” said Valentina Santanicchio, a chef whose restaurant in Orvieto, Capitano del Popolo, has been providing home deliveries.

“In some ways, I’m more afraid than when we closed, as a lot will now depend on people managing the moment in a responsible way.

Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s prime minister, on a Facebook post last Sunday appealed to the public to “act responsibly” amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday, 174 fatalities from COVID-19 were recorded, in contrast to the death toll of 1,000 fatalities per day back in March.

As of this writing, Italy has 212,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 82,879 recovered, while 29,079 perished from the virus.




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