BTS’ Jungkook mesmerizes fans with a cover of Lauv’s “Never Not”

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The BTS ARMY were in for a surprise after BTS’ Jungkook posted a song cover in the group’s official Twitter account.

Earlier this day, the BTS member did a phenomenal job at singing Lauv’s “Never not” with nothing but his bed and impeccable voice featured in the video.


The video smashed Twitter records, amassing 1.1M views within the 12 minutes of its release, and over 5M views in an hour and 30 minutes. As of this article’s publication, the clip has 10M views, 630K retweets, and 1.4M likes.

The singer is also continuously trending in different topics, which include  “JEON JUNGKOOK”, “HIS VOICE”, “HIS ENGLISH”, and “HIS TATTOOS”, which are taboo in the conservative Korean culture. The fans are gleeful for it, however, for it meant that the Korean singer is finally getting comfortable showing his body ink despite the social stigma.

Lauv, the original artist for the song, responded with great feedback and admiration for Jungkook.

The American singer has also previously collaborated with the Korean superstars in his song “Who” featuring the band’s Jimin and Jungkook. He also featured in BTS’ song  “Make it right”.




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