Youtube Star Cong TV admired by the netizens after an act of charity

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Cong TV is now trending on Twitter after a video clip of him got viral,  giving a supposed “fake booked” Grab driver full reimbursement and a generous tip off the record.

 Jawo Motovlog, a Grab Food driver and Youtube vlogger with 143k subscribers planned to prank the Youtube celebrity with nothing but a box of donuts, a hidden camera, and a convincing performance of being “fake booked”, otherwise known as delivery ditching.


What Jawo did not anticipate was Lincoln “Cong” Velasquez’s reaction by being kind and charitable, offering full reimbursement and a generous tip, even welcoming the driver into his home to let him eat after Jawo claimed that he had nothing for lunch. The video ends with Jawo finally revealing the prank to Velasquez, which took them by surprise.

Cong TV is a well-known Filipino Youtube channel with 4.76 million subscribers. The channel was independently started by Velasquez, with his early videos primarily comprised of comedy skits and reactions. As of today, his channel grew and now focuses on vlogging together with Team Payaman, a Youtuber collective led by Velasquez himself together with his brother Junnie Boy Velasquez and girlfriend Viy Cortez.

Velasquez’s reputation as a good and humble person was also evident in her girlfriend’s vlog “IGNORING CONG FOR 24HRS”, where netizens are quick to point out Velasquez’s sweet treatment to Cortez despite her ignoring him.

Team Payaman also made a satire video poking fun at absurdly over-the-top Filipino prank channels prior to the charitable act.




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