ABS-CBN star Awra reveals the truth about Feng Dela Cruz

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In a series of tweets, Mcneal “Awra” Briguela exposed what Youtuber Raffy  “Feng” Dela Cruz allegedly did to achieve Youtube stardom.

Last night, Briguela shed light about their rumored relationship with Dela Cruz and confirmed that the two weren’t officially dating, yet Dela Cruz proceeds to hint motives that seem otherwise.

After some time getting to know each other, the two quickly became good friends and collaborators. However, in the middle of December, things got stale between the two, and things got worse after Dela Cruz uploaded a vlog clip that features Briguela on his channel without permission (the video now deleted). Dela Cruz defended that he is going to use the money to buy the actor an “H&M” shirt, which Briguela never received.

The actor then proceeds to share his experience with Dela Cruz, stating a story about the Youtuber staging a phone displacement with the President of his Fanclub.


Briguela then took the initiative to reveal that Dela Cruz has a relationship with someone named “Poli” for almost 3 years, and supported the idea of Dela Cruz mingling with Brizuela. It was also stated the Briguela met Poli multiple times prior to the tweets, with Poli under the guise of Dela Cruz’s friend.

Dela Cruz posted a Twitter thread in response to the actor’s trending revelations, however, claims made by Briguela was not addressed, and the thread contains Briguela’s attitude in their “friendship”.

“Poli” is yet to release a statement following the events.




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