BuCor staff’s open letter exposes chief’s corruption

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The Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) has expressed their plea to the President to ouster their Director General as a ‘christmas gift’ to the department.

The open letter cited that BuCor Chief Gerald Bantag committed “other forms of graft and corrupt practices in the highest order” and called on President Duterte to fire the esteemed official.

Aside from abuse of authority, the “concerned BuCor officials and employees” professed that Bantag “keeps on cursing BuCor officials and employees and displays unprofessional and unethical conduct.”

The group also said that they were wrongly accused by Bantag’s “sweeping generalization” which implicates that 95 percent of the 31,000 BuCor officials are corrupt without having any evidentiary support.

Bantag has also threatened certain personnel of a possible reassignment to far-flung penal colonies for he “has the blessings of the President”.


Among these cases is a BuCOr official that was transferred to three different colonies within a month without any reason or basis.

The BuCor chief also brought in people from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) to his team, which is a violation of the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) omnibus rules on appointments.

“Let it be known that the BuCor officials and employees fully support the changes that DG Bantag is undertaking. But equally, we resist and condemn the wanton violations that he committed and is continuously committing in carrying out said changes,” the group stated.

Meanwhile, BuCor spokesperson Col. Gabriel Chaclag told the press that the department will “look into the group’s claims” despite questioning its validity.

“The mere fact that they did not identify themselves make their claims questionable,” Chaclag stated.

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